At Hunter Library, we strive to offer support to members of the university community, whether WCU is a stop along their journey or the western North Carolina region is their end goal. We aim to develop a welcoming, inclusive environment and establish a strong allyship with all community members. The library actively seeks opportunities for community members to be seen and heard in their research, creative activities, and beyond.

To advance this goal, we invite members of WCU to participate in shaping the spaces we share. In order to bolster a sense of belonging for all, we hope to host student exhibitions within central library spaces.

We are pleased to announce the first-ever Hunter Library Digital Art Contest! Winning contestants will have their artwork displayed in Hunter Library. We have adopted this year’s campus theme of Community and Belongingness, as the theme for the contest.

Rules and Guidelines


Design your submission(s) to fit within the maximum dimensions of 6 feet high by 18 feet wide.

Digital Submissions

Any designs submitted electronically should be submitted as a .png, .jpeg, or .jpg, should have a picture quality of approximately 300dpi, and be suitable for large-format printing

Artist’s Statement

Submissions should also include a brief artist’s statement about the piece (maximum 250 words) and a short bio of the artist (maximum 100 words).  


By submitting your artwork for the contest, you confirm that to the best of your knowledge, the piece you are submitting is your own original work and that no other persons or parties can claim ownership. Hunter Library reserves the right to display, move or remove the art at the discretion of Library

Hand Drawn Art

Hand-drawn art pieces are also acceptable but should remain 2 dimensional to be suitable for printing/displaying as a mural exhibit. Contestants should provide a high-resolution digital image of their artwork. 


All artwork submitted should adhere of WCU’s code of conduct.

Artwork Rights

Contestants will retain rights to their artwork. However, by submitting artwork contestants grant WCU Hunter Library the perpetual and non-exclusive right to display and share this work in any physical or electronic format, as long as Hunter Library attributes the contestant as the creator of their submission. 


All submissions should be submitted by April 5th, 2024. 

Selecting Winners

The top three entries will be selected by a panel consisting of Hunter Library employees plus non-library faculty, staff, and students. 

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria.  

  • Does the design fit the theme of Community and Belongingness? 
  • What is the visual impact of the design? Does the design stand out?  
  • Does the submission adhere to the university’s code of conduct?  


    People’s Choice Award

    The vote for the People’s Choice Award will be made based on the popular vote of students. Students will be able to view all submissions on the library website during the month of April.